Integrity Resolutions specialises in life insurance dispute resolution and avoidance

Who We Assist!

We assist:

  • Policyowners and lives insured;
  • Financial advisers; and
  • Legal firms

in all life insurance product types:

  • Term insurance;
  • Total & Permanent Disability ("TPD") insurance;
  • Trauma insurance;
  • Income Protection insurance; and
  • Business Expenses insurance.

How We Assist

Pre-Claim Assistance

Whether you are lodging a claim yourself or on behalf of someone else, we can assist by providing a general explanation of the claim process as well as information specific to your particular claim type. If necessary, this would include a review of the policy terms and conditions so you are aware of the relevant policy definitions and benefits.

Then, if you wish, we can approch the insurer on your behalf and obtain the necessary forms and assist you in completing and lodging them.

Claim Assessment

We can work with the insurer on your behalf while your claim is being assessed. If additional information is requested, we can explain the reasons and relevance or, if you believe the information is not relevant, we can discuss this with the insurer.

If any "problems" arise, we can explain What and Why, and negotiate a way forward or, if necessary, provide a legal referral to a range of financial services specialist solicitors.

Ongoing Claim Assistance

If your claim invloves the payment of ongoing benefits, we can continue to assist and represent you for as long as you feel necessary.

Other Specialist Services

We are also able to provide:

  • Expert Witness Reports;
  • Submissions for the Australian Financial Complaints Authority ("AFCA"); 
  • Independent underwriting opinions; and
  • Access to a library of in excess of 2,000 insurance documents dating back more than 40 years.

Our Fee

Issues can often be resolved during our first discussion with you. We do not charge for this service. If you choose to engage us, our fee is $270.00 per hour, plus GST.